Goccioline 2019

Goccioline 2019

goccioline 2019

Cite This Article. During January 26—February 10,an outbreak of novel coronavirus disease in an air-conditioned restaurant in Guangzhou, China, involved 3 family clusters. The airflow direction was consistent with droplet transmission. To prevent the spread of the virus in restaurants, we recommend increasing the distance between tables and improving ventilation. From January 26 through February 10,an outbreak of novel coronavirus disease COVD affected 10 persons from 3 families families A—C who had eaten at the same air-conditioned restaurant in Guangzhou, China.

One of the families had just traveled from Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. We performed a detailed investigation that linked these 10 cases together. On January 23,family A traveled from Wuhan and arrived in Guangzhou. On January 24, the index case-patient patient A1 ate lunch with 3 other family members A2—A4 at restaurant X.

Two other families, B and C, sat at neighboring tables at the same restaurant.

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Later that day, patient A1 experienced onset of fever and cough and went to the hospital. The only known source of exposure for the affected persons in families B and C was patient A1 at the restaurant. Sketch showing arrangement of restaurant tables and air conditioning airflow at site of outbreak of novel coronavirus disease, Guangzhou, China, Red circles indicate seating of future case-patients; yellow-filled red Restaurant X is an air-conditioned, 5-floor building without windows.

The third floor dining area occupies m 2 ; each floor has its own air conditioner Figure. The distance between each table is about 1 m.

Ilona Staller

Families A and B were each seated for an overlapping period of 53 minutes and families A and C for an overlapping period of 73 minutes. The air outlet and the return air inlet for the central air conditioner were located above table C Figurepanel B.

On January 24, a total of 91 persons 83 customers, 8 staff members were in the restaurant. Of these, a total of 83 had eaten lunch at 15 tables on the third floor. Among the 83 customers, 10 became ill with COVID; the other 73 were identified as close contacts and quarantined for 14 days.Posta un commento.

goccioline 2019

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Necessario Necessario. Non necessario Non necessario.Ilona Staller born 26 Novemberwidely known by her stage name Cicciolina little chubbyis a Hungarian-Italian former porn starpolitician, and singer. Ilona was born in BudapestHungary. She was raised by her mother, who was a midwife, and her stepfather, who was an official in the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior.

Inshe began working as a model for the Hungarian news agency, M. In her memoirs and in a TV interview, she claimed that she had provided the Hungarian authorities with information on American diplomats staying at a Budapest luxury hotel where she worked as a maid in the s. Naturalized by marriage and settled in Italy, Staller met pornographer Riccardo Schicchi in the early s, and, beginning inachieved fame with a radio show called Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?

For that program she adopted the name Cicciolina. She produced the film together with Schicchi's company Diva Futura. The film was later to create a furor when it was revealed that Holmes had tested positive for HIV prior to appearing in it.

Her first Playboy appearance was in Argentina in March Other appearances for the magazine were in the U. InStaller was presented as a candidate to the Italian parliament by the Lista del Sole, Italy's first Green party. Inshe switched to the Partito Radicalecampaigning on a libertarian platform against nuclear energy and NATO membership, as well as for human rights.

She was elected to the Italian parliament inwith approximately 20, votes. While in office, and before the outset of the Gulf Warshe offered to have sex with Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in return for peace in the region. InStaller was among the founders of another Italian political movement, called Partito dell'Amore "Party of Love"which was spearheaded by friend and fellow porn star Moana Pozzi.

However, she failed to collect enough petition signatures for a non-partisan candidacy. In the same year, she ran in local elections in MonzaItaly, promising to convert a prominent building into a gambling casino, but she attracted few votes.

Agende 16 Mesi -50%

Inshe announced plans to run for mayor of Milan with a similar promise. She renewed her offer to have sex with Saddam Hussein in Octoberwhen Iraq was resisting international pressure to allow inspections for weapons of mass destruction[5] and in Aprilshe made the same offer to Osama bin Laden. In Septemberit was revealed that Staller was eligible for and would be receiving a yearly pension of 39, euros from the Italian state as a result of her five years in the country's parliament.

Its objectives included the legalization of same-sex marriage, the reopening of former brothels "closed houses"a guaranteed minimum wage for young people, improvements to the judiciary, and the elimination of the privileges of the rich political "caste".

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She was also a candidate — on a proposal by blogger Luca Bagatin — in administrative elections in Rome [ clarification needed ] on 26 and 27 Mayon the list 'Republicans and Liberals'. Inan erotic comics series, La Cicciolinawas made by Giovanni Romanini and Lucio Filippucci, based on the actress.

The song reached number 28 in the UK singles charts. Also, an industrial s band, Machines of Loving Gracepaid a tribute to Cicciolina on their first, self-titled album and named a song after her. Finnish singer Erika Vikman released the song Cicciolina on 26 January It was selected as one of six entries that competed to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest Staller has recorded several songs, mostly from live performances, with explicit lyrics being sung to a children's melody.

Because of its extensive use of profanity, the song could not be released in Italy, but became a hit in other countries, especially in France. The song gained considerable popularity in the internet era, when many Italian speakers were able to hear it for the first time.

Some of these unreleased songs were subsequently used during her TV shows, live performances or as soundtracks in her porn movies. She was the muse of American artist Jeff Koonswho persuaded her to collaborate on a series of sculptures and photographs of them having sex in many positions, settings and costumes, which were exhibited under the title Made in Heaven and made waves at the Venice Biennale.

Staller married Koons in Their marriage ended in Staller alleged Koons had subjected her to physical and emotional abuse. Claiming he was the victim of child abduction, Koons fought a decade-long but unsuccessful legal battle which cost him millions of dollars.Food writers have been gushing over Gocciolina since the day it opened inand deservedly so. Featuring New York-style pies, a quality beer list, and craft cocktails, all in the remnants of the automotive supply store from which it gets its name, Hutchins is also great for pre-Motorco dinner, a Sunday-afternoon indulgence, or an evening out with the fam.

Dashi is all about the ramen, categorizing each option by the nature of the broth—pork, sea salt, soy, miso, kimchi—rather than the protein or vegetables it contains. Upstairs, the small plates in the izakaya, or Japanese speakeasy, might be even better, including townie favorites like black nori popcorn, grilled edamame rubbed with irresistible spices, and tender buns with lamb or spicy tofu.

Maschinenschraubstock backen

The bar offers copious shochu, sake, and Japanese spirits by the flight. The menu changes frequently, but signatures include dry-aged burgers and steaks, roasted oysters, and seasonal vegetables. Goorsha serves a variety of Ethiopian fare atop injera, a traditional flatbread used to scoop up flavorful salads, curried vegetables, and lentils. Its small plates garner rave reviews the patatas bravas! At Pizzeria Toro, chef Gray Brooks uses a mix of soft and high-gluten flours for his rounds and bakes them in a wood-fired oven to create pies with a crisp, charred crust that lands somewhere between Neapolitan and New York-style.

Round out your order with the kale salad no, seriously and suppli al telefono fried, cheesy rice balls. The main draw at Saint James is a raw bar with all manner of oysters, from fat and briny to mild and sweet.

And the cornmeal hushpuppies with honey butter and country ham? Bonus: The second location, which opened inhas indoor seating. Come here for a special occasion. Wear loose pants. Chapel Hill St. Skip to main content. Advertise Contact Us. Support fearless independent local journalism. Photo by Bob Karp. Gocciolina in Durham showcases chef-owner Aaron Benjamin's house-made pastas.

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The Durham County Restaurant of the Year, 2019: Gocciolina

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goccioline 2019

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goccioline 2019

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